A colonial-style brick building shopfront has a embedded signage reading Gunter-Smith 社区参与中心, followed by the 宾夕法尼亚美高梅登录中心 logo.


宾夕法尼亚美高梅登录中心 has a strong tradition of promoting service and leadership, 正如学院的校训所表达的那样, 服务就是生活 (服务就是生活). 的 影响纽约 program supports and extends the positive impact our students have on the local community and enhances their college education by offering them opportunities to learn through servant leadership and social entrepreneurship.

更广泛的一部分 变革者 的经验, 影响纽约 engages students in community-based and project-based learning—two marks of distinction of a York College education. 通过一系列有指导意义的体验, 影响纽约 team members learn to address the needs of a community—including both the campus and the wider York community—by participating in leadership training, 培养创新技能, and applying knowledge from their area of study to address real-world needs. 从第一天起, the program provides participants with the opportunity to make a significant impact on the community in which they live—not only as students but also as citizens.

的 application period for this scholarship ends 2024年3月15日.

影响Keystone Kidspace的约克团队
影响Keystone Kidspace的约克团队


  • 为你的学业获得经济支持

    从2023年秋季开始, students accepted into the 影响纽约 program receive an annual award of $1,500 for each academic year they participate in the program (up to 4 academic years as an undergraduate, 全日制学生). 

  • 在有影响力的项目上合作

    每年, you will have the opportunity to work with College faculty and administrators, 地方组织, and your peers in the 变革者 community to plan and execute team-based 社区影响项目.

  • 参与教育机会

    You will have the opportunity to learn new skills, 包括领导力和团队合作, 这在未来的任何职业中都是有价值的.

  • Experience unique hands-on learning opportunities

    You will have the opportunity to participate in local service projects, 活动策划, and collaborations with community leaders/potential employers.

  • 扩大你的关系网

    You will have the opportunity to work with campus and community leaders, expanding your network in ways that will enhance your career prospects after graduation.

  • 接受导师的指导

    你将有机会获得知识, caring mentors who can help you make connections in the community and develop your projects.


  • 资格



    • Enroll at YCP starting in the fall of the same calendar year that you graduate from high school.
    • Enroll at YCP as a full-time undergraduate student.
    • 第一次进入美高梅登录中心学习.
    • 住在美高梅登录中心校园.
  • 申请指引


    In order to be considered for the 影响纽约 program:

  • 预期


    的 影响纽约 scholarship is awarded for a maximum of four years (8 semesters). To continue to receive the 影响纽约 award each year, you must...

    • 住在校园里.
    • 保持最少2个.平均绩点达到5分,学业成绩令人满意.
    • 完成 改变自己 First-Year Seminar during the fall semester of your first year.
    • Contribute 20 or more hours of volunteer engagement each year (approximately 10/semester) through the 斯巴达志愿者网络.
    • Actively participate in the 影响纽约 program and the 变革者社区.
    • 保持良好的YCP学生身份.
    • Complete all forms and documents required by York College for Changemaker program students, 包括标准许可和同意书 & 发布形式.
电话: 717.600.3812