York College students enjoying a spring day


欢迎来到美高梅登录中心. 让我们开始吧.
准备好迎接奇妙的坠落吧! York College has a great line-up of First-Year Seminar courses for 2020. FYS courses are small discussion and activity seminars for freshmen who are new to York College.
Your FYS will be intensive and rigorous, 旨在激发你的兴趣, 挑战你, and help you raise your academic game to the next level. Your FYS experience will also help you meet people who share your interests, get to know the campus and its resources, and feel at home in your new college life. Most students will register for their FYS at Summer 取向. You can prepare by browsing this catalog to see which topics interest you the most. 开学第一天在FYS见!
First-Year Seminar at YCP gives students the opportunity to better acclimate themselves to campus life. 下载本视频的文字记录.
Brian K. Malcarne, Ph值.D.,副局长
Phone: 717.815.3036
8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.