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A finance major that takes you beyond the numbers.

在宾夕法尼亚的美高梅登录中心, our Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance degree program builds the skills you need for careers handling the financial decisions of individuals and businesses.

We know that you need more than just mathematics and accounting knowledge for key roles in the financial industry. That’s why Finance majors at York College get a head start working on real-world projects that develop skills ranging from business savvy to relationship-building, 从分析和金融科技到领导力.

The best finance degree programs combine academic excellence with career resources and access to networking. At York, you'll join a vast network of experienced faculty, alumni, and industry leaders as you gain experience with professional facilities like the on-campus NASDAQ Trading Lab. 美高梅登录中心金融专业的学生也可以参加学生管理基金, making real investments with a portfolio worth over $400,000. Career-focused internships and community projects provide even more in-depth experience and résumé-building opportunities.

两个学生坐在课桌前,看着教授在他们面前讲话. A NASDAQ ticker is visible in the background.

About the BS in Finance

  • Key Courses

    Finance Degree Courses


    金融学士课程提供了核心金融和商业课程的平衡, minor courses, general education, electives, 以及现实世界的学习机会. 你可以修的课程包括:

    • FIN 320: Investments
    • FIN 330:风险管理和保险
    • FIN 340: Financial Institutions and Markets
    • IBS 405:国际金融
    • FIN 410:管理财务II
    • 金融报告420:衍生证券
    • FIN 430:证券估值

    有一个学生选择的专注领域和一个可选的金融专业实习, 金融学位课程是为你的本科目标量身定制的.


    Every student in the Bachelor of Science in Finance degree program complements their degree with another area of study, 加深他们在自己选择的专业领域的经验和就业能力.

    • Accounting Minor: Gain an understanding of taxes and accounting for private businesses and non-profit and governmental agencies.
    • Business Analytics Minor: Data management and visualization techniques as well as in-depth training in data analytics.
    • Economics Minor:学习与商业运作和房地产相关的经济学原理.
    • 创业研究: Immerse yourself in the process for successful entrepreneurship and develop real business ideas.
    • Risk Management Minor: Get deeper experience in how to help organizations and individuals make the best financial decisions they can.


    Pursue a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree at 宾夕法尼亚美高梅登录中心 and gain the comprehensive training and real-world experience that prepares you for a range of finance roles and future career advancement.

    Ready to launch your finance career with confidence? 立即索取更多信息.

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  • Career Opportunities & Benefits

    Careers in Finance


    With a BS in Finance, you can pursue entry-level positions in corporate finance, 商业和投资银行业务, financial planning, financial analysis, or risk management.


    • 财务或预算分析员
    • Personal Financial Advisor
    • Financial Manager
    • Financial Planner
    • 信贷员或信用分析师
    • Real Estate Broker or Real Estate Sales Agent
    • Risk Analyst
    • Wealth Manager
    • Insurance Agent

    Some roles, such as Certified Financial Planners (CFP) may require applicants to hold professional credentials, certifications, or licenses to practice in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

    约克大学金融学士学位课程的毕业生已前往Aerotek工作, Glatfelter Insurance Group, T Rowe Price Associates, the U.S. 美国食品药品监督管理局, Vanguard, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve Bank, BAE Systems, PFM Asset Management, Morgan Stanley, BNY Mellon, AXA advisors, and Northwestern Mutual.

    Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

    除了极具竞争力的薪水,金融职业还有许多其他好处. 这一领域的商业专业知识提供了一些最强大的职业前景, 最高收入的工资潜力, 为那些进入这个行业的人提供了丰富的领导机会.


    • 有机会与不同行业的雇主一起工作
    • A stable career path with projected industry job growth
    • 可转换的技能,为你在现实世界的工作职责做准备
    • 一个不断发展的领域,为进一步学习提供了选择, including specializations and certifications


    A bachelor’s degree in finance can help you qualify for rewarding roles at all stages of your career in this growing field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), occupations in the business and financial sector are projected to grow 7 percent from 2021 to 2031. 你的在职经历, 专业认证, location, 和其他因素会影响你作为金融专业毕业生的薪水.

    Median salaries for common careers in finance from the BLS:

    Readiness for Graduate School and Professional Training

    Pursuing a graduate degree such as a Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Finance (MFin), 工商管理硕士(MBA), 或会计硕士(MAcc)可以提供专门的培训, elevate salary potential, and help you gain extra course credits or on-the-job training necessary for professional certification.

    The BS in Finance degree program at 宾夕法尼亚美高梅登录中心 offers excellent ground-floor preparation for pursuing advanced career pathways that require graduate-level training. 在获得更多的培训和经验后,你可能晋升的职位包括:

    • Investment Banker
    • Portfolio Manager
    • Financial Controller
    • Financial Risk Manager
    • Quantitative Analyst

    Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Pathway

    In addition to confidently applying for graduate studies following completion of your four-year degree, Finance majors at York also have the option to pursue a 4+1 program leading to both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree during your time at York College.

    约克大学的4+1学位课程可以让你同时获得金融学士学位和金融硕士学位 Master of Arts (MA) in Strategic Leadership and Management in as few as five years, amplifying your employability and experience in the fields of business and finance as you pursue career advancement.


  • Internships & Work Experience

    Internships & Work Experience

    Finance Major Internships and Hands-On Learning

    Real-world work experience with local, regional, or national organizations is highly encouraged. Finance majors may complete up to two three-credit internships that count toward their Bachelor of Science as electives.

    格雷厄姆商学院 and its faculty are entrenched in the financial industry, maintaining close relationships with a variety of companies and employers in the York area where Finance majors often find internship placements.

    Learn about undergraduate internships at York College.


    纳斯达克交易实验室(NASDAQ Trading Lab)是金融专业学生使用相同软件进行实践的地方, devices, 以及他们毕业后在工作场所会遇到的服务. All upper-level Finance classes meet in the Trading Lab, where students bring their understanding beyond classroom theories into real financial markets.

    Housed in the Willman Business Center on Main Campus, the NASDAQ Trading Lab includes all of the following, 除其他标准办公软件和教室设备外: 

    • 纳斯达克赞助的显示实时金融数据和市场信息的报价机
    • Four Apple TV screens displaying financial news
    • 32个可伸缩的学生工作站
    • 交互式Eno智能板
    • A touch screen market wall
    • Bloomberg terminals
    • Morningstar Direct
    • ProBanker
    • StockTrak

    除了让金融专业的学生熟悉行业技术, the NASDAQ Trading Lab is an incubator for students wishing to become certified in Bloomberg and Morningstar software.


    Student Managed Fund

    The Student Managed Fund is a student-run organization that provides members with the opportunity to invest with real money, allocated by the College’s endowment fund. 

    Student participants follow a value-driven strategy as they research and make strategic choices for their investments. 学生管理基金于2016年以25万美元开始,现在已经超过了40万美元.

    Apply to be a part of the Student Managed Fund.

  • Mentorship & Community

    Mentorship & Community

    Valuable Faculty Guidance

    As you pursue your BS in Finance degree at York College, 经过行业培训的教师在学术和职业方面提供一对一的支持. 他们确保您了解常见的专业工具和金融技术, as well as engage your personal goals and interests.

    Meet the faculty of Graham School of Business.

    Student Support

    在美高梅登录中心,你可以随心所欲地参与或独立, 支持你在大学及以后实现你的目标. 无论你在前进的道路上面临怎样的挑战,无论你想要追求怎样的经历,我们的 Student Success Division and 学生发展与美高梅登录中心 resources will support you along the way.



  • High-Demand Skills



    从知道如何像专业人士一样使用Excel到与客户和中介沟通, the skills you’ll learn as a Finance major at York College will help you every day in your finance or business career.

    通过学术和非学术的学习和发展, 你将展示出精通专业人士所必需的广泛技能:

    • 批判性思维和解决问题能力
    • 财务分析和报告
    • 投资和组合管理
    • Risk assessment
    • 市场预测技术
    • 金融科技(fintech),包括软件应用和数据库
    • Effective communication and presentation skills

    Confidently Pursue Finance Certifications

    The Bachelor of Science in Finance degree program helps you prepare for further education and professional credentials after graduating.

    如果你有兴趣追求以下一个或多个专业指定, your support system at York will help you take the right courses and know what to expect from the certification process, 包括任何剩余的需求.

    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification
    • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification
    • Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification


  • Accreditation & Professional Recognition


    ACBSP Global Business Accreditation Official Logo  The Finance BS program is accredited by ACBSP.

    This accreditation focuses on recognizing teaching excellence, 决定学生的学习成果, 以及持续改进的模式. ACBSP’s student-centered teaching and learning approach, which is measured and analyzed for quality, 确保学生从他们的教育投资中获得正确的技能. Institutions with programs accredited by ACBSP are committed to continuous improvement that ensures their business program will give students the skills employers want.


  • 市场对金融专业的需求大吗?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts many careers in business and finance fields, including financial analysts, actuaries, and 个人理财顾问从2021年到2031年,美国的就业增长速度将超过所有职业的平均水平. As global and emerging markets create new investment opportunities and boost economic growth, 预计在未来几年,对训练有素的金融专业人员的需求将会增加.

  • 金融专业的学生学习什么?

    金融专业的学生学习一系列与财务管理相关的课题, investments, 以及全球金融体系. Common subjects include:

    • Financial analysis
    • Corporate finance
    • Investment management
    • Risk management
    • Financial markets
    • Financial institutions

    They also gain proficiency in financial modeling, data analysis, and decision-making techniques. The curriculum equips finance majors to excel in careers where duties include assessing financial performance, 分析投资机会, managing risks, 做出明智的财务决策

  • 有了金融学位我能做什么?

    A finance degree opens up various career paths in both the corporate and financial service sectors. Finance graduates can pursue roles such as financial analyst, investment banker, portfolio manager, financial advisor, risk manager, 或者公司财务专家. 他们可以在以下行业工作:

    • Banking
    • Investment firms
    • Consulting firms
    • Insurance companies
    • 公司财务部门

    With experience and additional credentials, finance majors can advance to higher-level positions, 包括金融或私募股权等专业领域的高管角色, mergers, and acquisitions, or financial planning. Additionally, some finance majors choose to pursue graduate education, such as an MBA or specialized master's degree, to further enhance their career prospects.

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