Student teaching through the York College education program


Get active right away in a major that explores science as a student and as an educator.

总是询问. 总是学习. That’s the approach you’ll need take to become an educator for the next wave of young scientists. We encourage our students to join clubs and professional organizations, attend science and educational conferences, read science journals and more — our program is much more than just what you learn in class.

美高梅登录中心, we believe a great science teacher needs to have a well-rounded background in many scientific disciplines as well as a solid understanding of how to teach and lead a classroom. For secondary education general science majors, students select one of three specialization areas that will become part of their required coursework – biology, 化学或物理. You’ll also get extensive training on how to lead a classroom, 包括教学技巧, 评价方法, 和技术技能. This degree prepares students for professional teacher certification in grades 7-12.

Hands-on class activity in a York College science lab
Enjoy hands-on science labs with challenging education classes that give you extensive time in the classroom working with students.
York College student using a microscope in a chemistry lab


Our graduates have gone on to work for public and private schools such as Baltimore County Public Schools, CVS药店, 美国空军, 宾夕法尼亚美高梅登录中心 and York County school districts. You'll be able to select one of three specialization areas – biology, chemistry and physics.
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