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Acceptance into all of our degree programs is by application and live audition only. 我们的申请和学校的申请是分开的.  First and foremost, you should apply for general acceptance to the college. 那么,你应该申请音乐专业. 

请注意: Prospective students should plan to audition in person at York College, although virtual auditions will be considered if an in-person audition is not feasible. 海选将于以下时间在校园内举行: 
  • 2023年11月18日星期六(YCP开放日)
  • 2024年2月19日,星期一 
  • 2024年3月23日(星期六)(YCP录取学生日)
  • 2024年4月6日星期六(YCP录取学生日)
  • 2024年4月27日星期六(YCP开放日)

The Division of 亩ic at York College of PA is dedicated to developing strong, 多才多艺的音乐家, 试镜应该展示学生的天赋, 培训, 以及对纪律的承诺.   Auditioning students are expected to demonstrate a wide range of musical ability, 包括一般的音乐素养, 措辞, 语气生产, 舞台表现.  学生 are encouraged to consult with their private instructor or high school band or choir director when preparing for the audition.  强烈建议穿职业装.  你必须亲自试镜-试镜录音将不被接受.  请参阅本页底部的试听要求.

你将收到正式的面试结果通知, 大约两周内.  为了能被音乐系录取, candidates must pass their audition AND meet all requirements for acceptance into the college as determined by the York College 招生 Office.  It should be noted that acceptance by the college does not guarantee acceptance into the music program.  

The York College 亩ic Division awards various scholarships to outstanding music majors.  If you demonstrate that you are a truly exceptional musician via your audition and application materials, 你可能有资格获得音乐奖学金.  奖 are assigned on a 一个-time basis with the possibility of renewal each school year and are based on the availability of funds.  Prospective students must submit their audition video by March 31st to be considered for a music scholarship.


关于试镜的问题?  博士联系. Grace Muzzo报道 gmuzzo@ycp.edU或717-815-6450


  • 木管乐器,铜管 & 弦乐器

    木管乐器,铜管 & 弦乐器
    1. 大调音阶,半音阶.
    2. A solo concert piece of the student’s choosing that demonstrates both technique and musicality.
    3. Two contrasting etudes selected from the following or equivalent material:

    *悦耳的 & 进步的研究 (第一册,蓝色),酒吧. 南部.
    * 18个练习, Berbiguier.

    * 48著名的双簧管研究, W. Ferling.

    * 50巴松管研究, Op. 8日,卷. 2, Weissenborn.

    * 32首练习曲, or 40练习曲、玫瑰.
    *悦耳的 & 进步的研究 (第一册或第二册),海特.

    * 48项著名研究, W. Ferling
    *选定研究, H. Voxman (Rubank)

    *完整的温室方法 – J.B. Arban
    *抒情研究 – G. Conc一个
    * 60项选定研究 – C. Kopprasch
    *悦耳的 & 有节奏的研究 – J.L. Small

    *抒情研究 – G. Conc一个
    * 60项选定研究 – C. Kopprasch
    *高级方法,卷. I – H. Voxman (Rubank)

    *旋律研究 – J. Rochut
    *高级方法,卷. I – H. Voxman (Rubank)


  • 打击乐器


    学生应展示训练和设施 至少 四(4)种核心乐器类别中的两(2)种.  只可选择已发表的作品.

    1.  来自普拉特,威尔考克森的一首基本独奏/练习曲.
    2.  一首来自Cir一个, Peters, Goldenberg的管弦乐独奏/练习曲.

    1.  所有的大调音阶和琶音,半音音阶(两个八度).
    2.  戈登伯格,彼得斯,亚伯,J.S. 巴赫、克雷斯顿、马瑟、罗绍罗或同等作品(仅限出版作品). 4木槌独奏是最好的,虽然不是必需的.

    1.  展示调音能力(在任何鼓上调整给定的音高).
    2.  One prepared solo/etude for 3-4 timpani from Goodman, Vic Firth, Peters.

    1.  Demonstrate the following styles with either a metronome or (preferably) a play-along track (e.g. 《美高梅登录中心》第一册(作者:史蒂夫·霍顿)
      * Samba

    Hand Drumming / World 打击乐器 (optional – please contact us prior to the audition)
      *展示掌握的技术和各种风格的康加斯, 羚羊的一种, 巴西的仪器, 非洲手鼓, 和/或其他各种民族打击乐器. Candidate should contact the instructor prior to the audition to confirm instrument availability and acceptable repertoire.

  • 吉他


    吉他工作室的试镜是一个全面的评估. 并非所有类别(如下)都是必需的. Most applicants are not equally strong in all categories; in some cases, 在一个领域的不足可以通过在另一个领域的优秀而得到缓解.
    1.  尺度 -可移动的大调音阶模式,任何关键. 有用的指法可以在伯克利找到,卷.1 (pp. 60, 70, 80, 90, 100); the “3 notes per string” system; or the Segovia Diatonic Major and Minor 尺度 (Belwin Mills Publishing Co.).
    2.  和弦的词汇 - Ability to play chords to a jazz tune, in tempo, from a lead sheet or jazz fakebook. 两个指法(1).e., “shapes”) for: major 7th, dominant 7th, minor 7th, and diminished 7th chords. 和弦符号的知识(e.g.如“Dm7, G7”等).
    3.  即兴创作 -即兴蓝调或爵士标准的选择. For this, play-along CDs, such as the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Aids series, are highly recommended. 推荐:“只有蓝调”或“蓝调在所有键。.”
    4.  独奏作品 -一首或两首(风格对比)吉他独奏曲目. 古典曲目或爵士标准曲目优先.

  • 钢琴


    Prepare two compositions of contrasting styles, preferably from memory.

      *  J. S. 巴赫-两或三部分的发明
      *  D. 斯卡拉蒂的键盘奏鸣曲
      *  One or more movements taken from a Classical keyboard sonata by such composers as Franz J. 海顿,W. A. 莫扎特,路德维希·凡·贝多芬,穆齐奥·克莱门蒂等.
      *  F. 舒伯特——即兴曲,音乐瞬间
      *  F. 肖邦:前奏曲、夜曲、圆舞曲
      *  F. 门德尔松:无词之歌
      *  J. 勃拉姆斯——华尔兹、间接舞等.
      *  C. 德彪西- 儿童角套房, 套件Bergamasque等.
      *  S. Prokofieff - 异象逃犯
      *  B. 巴托克的- - - - - - Mikrokosmos

  • 的声音


    Prospective students in voice should be prepared to sing three selections from the standard vocal repertoire for their audition. 推荐歌曲或咏叹调的风格、情绪和节奏的对比. 鼓励唱外语歌曲,但不是必须的.  It is recommended that students dress professionally and sing their audition songs from memory.  Please bring music on the day of your audition for the pianist (who is provided at no cost.)

    Criteria for acceptance as a music major in voice include the following:

    1. T一个 Production, as demonstrated by clarity of sound, resonance, breath management and vocal health.

    2. 音乐才能, as demonstrated by the ability to sing with pitch and rhythmic accuracy, 以及对动态和发音的仔细注意.

    3. Artistry and interpretation, as demonstrated by clarity of diction and expressive communication.

    4. Stage presence and professionalism, as demonstrated through preparation and delivery.


    ART SONGS OR ARIAS from any opera or solo vocal collection such as the 一个s listed below

    • 24或26首意大利艺术歌曲和咏叹调 (Schirmer或Alfred出版).
    • 第一本书 系列(每本书按声音部分),由Boytim编辑.
    • 15首美国艺术歌曲, Arvin编辑.
    • 《美高梅登录中心》 由邦奇和沃恩编辑

    THEATER SONGS from any theater songbook collection or Broadway musical score

    • 歌手音乐剧选集 (哈尔·伦纳德出版)
    • 青少年音乐剧选集 (哈尔·伦纳德出版)


    • 大标准收藏 -(哈尔·伦纳德出版的专业声乐系列)


    • Available on most music printing websites and a variety of other sources
    • The music selection should be lyrical and translate well to a piano accompaniment if the student will be collaborating with the pianist provided.
    • 不允许录音伴奏, 但在某些情况下, 学生可能更喜欢用钢琴或吉他为自己伴奏. 
    • 不超过 一个 三个试镜的选择应该来自这个类别.
电话: 717.815.1526